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It's time to expect a new shopping experience. Exciting, innovative, informative, convenient and legal.
Welcome to Great Northern Brands.

Portfolio company

We are a portfolio investment company focused on brands and retail operations that are fully compliant and are driven by proven operating excellence and standards.

Trusted brands

We are building a diverse portfolio of premium cannabis brands, luxury retail operations and new product innovations covering both the medical and recreational markets.

New experience

Times have changed. Brick and mortar retail is evolving and so have customer expectations. We are developing new retail models that provide the ultimate cannabis customer experience.


Trusted retail and product brandnames.


Exceptional, knowledgable, and accessible.


High-quality, award-winning strains, edibles, oils, concentrates and related products.


Medical and recreational product innovations.


Building global brands

At Great Northern Brands, we are helping to guide the legal cannabis industry and building brands that consumers are passionate about. Whether it is for medical or recreational purposes, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service, the highest quality products and a unique shopping experience.

The new retail
shopping experience


International expansion and leadership

We are rapidly growing on a global scale, through organic development, acquisitions, and partnerships. From North and South America to Europe, we are becoming the global leader in the cannabis industry, known for exceptional quality, innovation and responsible, profitable growth.